Welcome to ChopShop’s documentation!


Usage of ChopShop terminology and capitalization has been a bit confusing and so the developers have created a set of standards as to how to reference ChopShop and its different pieces.

  • ChopShop - References the project as a whole and all of its pieces
  • chopshop - References the command line program ‘chopshop’
  • The core - References the main libraries that make up ChopShop, also sometimes called the ‘shop’
  • The Library - References the ChopShop Library, i.e., ChopLib located in the shop
  • The Ui - References the ChopShop Ui Handler Library, i.e., ChopUi located in the shop
  • Primary Module - References a module that ingests the core types that ChopShop supports, namely ‘tcp’, ‘udp’, and ‘ip’
  • Secondary Module - References a module that ingests non-core types that are primary or secondary module defined, e.g., ‘http’

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